"Bruma is always cold and covered with snow, with braziers kept burning in every quarter to prevent the citizens from freezing to death."
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Bruma is one of the nine major cities located in the Imperial Province of Cyrodiil and is where a majority of Cyrodiil's Nordic population is located due to its proximity to Skyrim and the Pale Pass.

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Bruma is located at the base of the Jerall Mountains on the Cyrodiil side. Bruma has two city gates, one on the eastern end leading to the Silver Road, and one on the northern end leading to Cloud Ruler Temple. Since travelers are more likely to enter Bruma from the east, places such as the stables and the inns are located near the gate. Upon entering from the eastern entrance, you are greeted with the central square where local commerce happens. The Great Chapel of Talos can be found south of the plaza while across that is where the guilds and artisans are located. Residents are located near the guilds and around the chapel. Castle Bruma is located on the western end overlooking the Heartlands basin. Southern Bruma is home to green forests, while going further north there are many more rocky cliffs, and many of the trees indigenous to the area turn orange.


  • Bruma Jagged Rabbit – Made with Small Game and Seasoning.


Second EraEdit

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Around 2E 576, Emperor Leovic of the Longhouse Emperors made controversial decrees during his rule that prompted many Imperial citizens to lose trust in their Emperor. At this time, Leovic legalized Daedric worship in Cyrodiil which was the driving force of the Colovian Revolt lead by Varen Aquilarios of Chorrol. Aquilarios garnered support from the entirety of Colovia and northern Nibenay. The Gold Coast was protected from Leovic's Legion, and Bruma became the Rebellion's Headquarters in Cyrodiil. Aquilarios resided in Bruma and commanded his army across the southern Nibenay in areas such as Blackwood. His Dragonguard ally, Sai Sahan defeated Leovic's army in Leyawiin in a matter of seconds.[1][2]

In 2E 582, an event known as the Soulburst broke the barrier separating Nirn and Oblivion thus leaving Tamriel open to Daedric invasion. Molag Bal, the Daedric Prince of Domination and Enslavement was beckoned to Tamriel by Mannimarco, the King of Worms to swallow the continent into Coldharbour. The Imperial City became a gateway between the two planes of existence and the Imperial government was completely devastated. Many cities throughout the Imperial Province were destroyed in the conflict; this included Bruma. A Dark Anchor was constructed on the northern end of town, and it brought Bruma into ruins. Despite this, the three alliances of the Alliance War saw Bruma as a strategical base and as a result, the three sought to capture Bruma.[3]

Third EraEdit

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In 3E 433, Bruma prospered along with the other eight cities in Cyrodiil. The city is under the leadership of Countess Narina Carvain, a Nibenese Heartlander known for her ruthlessness and cunningness in the political world and her reputation of being sharp-witted and treachery.[4]

An event similar to Molag Bal's invasion into Cyrodiil known as the Oblivion Crisis came to fruition in the very late third era by Mehrunes Dagon. His invasion into Tamriel has sacked cities across Tamriel such as Ald'ruhn, Kvatch, and Snowhawk. An Oblivion Gate opened up outside the main gate of Bruma, and it let out an army of Dremoras, Clannfears, and Scamps to attack the city. Luckily, the Blades of Cloud Ruler Temple led by Blademaster Jauffre and the Bruma Guard led by Burd managed to push the daedric army back into the Deadlands. However, the greater army returns, one similar to the one that destroyed Kvatch earlier. The Hero of Kvatch and Martin Septim lead the combined forces of the eight other cities in Cyrodiil and destroyed the Daedric Siege Crawler heading to Bruma.[5][6][7]

Fourth EraEdit

Bruma and the Silver Road played a significant role for the Mede Empire in the Great War. By 4E 173, the Imperial City had been surrounded by the Third Aldmeri Dominion from Colovia, the West Weald, and Central Nibenay. Only from the north and Bruma can the Imperials be provided aid with being attacked by the Aldmeri Dominion.[8]