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Bruma is a predominately Nordic and Nibenese city.[1] Sitting high in the Jerall Mountains, the city lies at the border of Skyrim.


Bruma is the northernmost city in Cyrodiil. The city is built on an incline where the residents live on the bottom row of houses, the guilds and inn are located on the second area, and the castle is located on the highest part of the city. The southern side of the city is where the residents live and the chapel is also located here.


Second EraEdit

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During Varen Aquilarios' Rebellion, Bruma was the base of the rebellion.[2]

Bruma has remained neutral in the Alliance War, it's located in what was Daggerfall Covenant Territory. The city however was destroyed by a Daedric Invasion by an organization known as the Shadowed Path. The Path built a Dark Anchor in the northern section of the town. The Vestige and a few other warriors visited the city in the midst of the war and closed the Dolmen from anymore Daedra coming into the city.

Third EraEdit

Main article: Bruma (Oblivion)

During the Oblivion Crisis, the Hero of Kvatch ventured to the city of Bruma where they helped the Bruma Guard in knowing how to close an Oblivion Gate. They eventually destroyed the gate however, another attack was inevitable. The Hero of Kvatch was assigned to travel to the eight other cities for their assistance in the next attack. With the help of the nine cities of Cyrodiil, the Hero was able to capture the Sigil Stone and destroy the Oblivion Gate thus saving Bruma.

The Mages Guild Branch of Bruma was burn down by a surprise attack from the Order of the Black Worm.[3]


By gameEdit



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