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Bruma Pleads for Aid

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  • Location: [?], Cyrodiil.
  • Author: Grigerda


Grand Warlord Zimmeron,

I send this plea with merchants who passed through our village. I pray that it reaches you.

Bruma, as you know, lies south of Fort Dragonclaw. While the fort is contested ground, invading alliance troops have ignored Bruma. Ordinarily, I would be grateful for this. But not now.

Dremora have killed or captured most of the folk here. A Dark Anchor brings more horrors into Bruma daily. Without help, I believe we will soon be overrun.

I have appealed to Grand Warlord Dortene of the Daggerfall Covenant as well. Whichever alliance sends troops to our aid first will have our everlasting gratitude and a vital supply base.

Interim Prefect, Bruma


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