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Brusef Amelion's Armor

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Brusef Amelion's Armor
Armor Type Set
GoldIcon 385
WeightIcon 126
ArmorIcon 29
Armor Health 1190
Additional Effects Frost Shield 6%
Armor Class Light Armor
Main article: Armor Sets (Oblivion)

Brusef Amelion's Armor is a set of Armor found inside Amelion's Tomb, north-east of Leyawiin, on the east bank of the Lower Niben River in the Blackwood.


During the Fighters Guild quest Amelion's Debt, there is an option to retrieve Brusef Amelion's Cuirass and sword from the tomb. The quest does not have to be done to acquire this armor.


It is unique in that it is a light armor which resembles Ebony armor.


The pieces of the armor are located throughout Amelion's Tomb.

  • The gauntlets are right before where rocks fall from the ceiling in the western most opening of the tomb.
  • The boots are found behind a locked white coffin in a small room of the cave.
  • The shield is found in the opening before the door to the sarcophagus chamber at the south end of the cave behind a broken crate.
  • The greaves, cuirass and sword are in the Sarcophagus Chamber. The greaves are hidden behind a spider web at the north-east corner of the Chamber.
  • The helmet is hidden amongst the Wisp Stalk mushrooms in the opening as one exit the Sarcophagus Chamber.

Attributes by pieceEdit

Piece ArmorIcon WeightIcon Health-icon GoldIcon ID
Brusef Amelion's Helmet 3 21 150 40 0012DD19
Brusef Amelion's Cuirass 8 21 290 110 000091FA
Brusef Amelion's Gauntlets 3 21 150 40 0012DD1A
Brusef Amelion's Greaves 4 21 225 60 0012DD18
Brusef Amelion's Boots 3 21 150 45 0012DD1B
Brusef Amelion's Shield 8 21 225 90 0012DD1C
Total (with shield) 29 126 1,190 385
Total (without shield) 21 105 965 295

*The Cuirass is enchanted with a 6% Frost Shield.


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