Not to be confused with Bjornolfr, Brynjolf, or Bjorynolf.
"Come, friend. I make the best weapons and armor in all of Solstheim!"

Brynjolfr is a Nord blacksmith living in a hut just north of Thirsk. He can craft Snow Bear Armor if the Nerevarine provides him with snow bear pelts, or Snow Wolf Armor if provided with snow wolf pelts. He provides a non-negotiable price list for this service upon request. He is also a merchant and buys/sells various armor and weapons. Brynjolfr has information on a missing missionary that may prove useful.


The Missing MissionaryEdit

When asked about Mirisa, he will say that Erich the Unworthy had done something with her, but he does not know where she is.

The Mead Hall MassacreEdit

"It was horrible, <PlayerName>! I had finally found someone interested in my custom snow bear armor and snow wolf armor. We were talking about prices, when suddenly this hideous black beast came up from the ice lake. killed my customer! Then it went inside the mead hall! I heard screaming...sounds of battle! Then the thing came out again, pierced with arrows! It headed back toward the lake but first it came back for my customer and dragged off his body!"
―Brynjolfr on the attack on Thirsk[src]

Brynjolfr will be one of the few survivors after the attack on Thirsk. When asked about what happened he will say the Udyrfrykte came, killed his customer, then proceeded to enter the mead hall and kill more of the patrons within. Afterwords, he will say that witnessed the beast go back to the cave after being driven off by arrows.