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Not to be confused with Insects.

Bugs are errors in the game which cause unintentional effects, sometimes hanging the system. While bugs are unintentional flaws in a game's programming, many yield desirable effects that can be exploited. Bugs for individual games in The Elder Scrolls series are listed in the pages below.

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  • Stuck in place?

    4 messages
    • Try the commands enableplayercontrols or TCL (all caps type it again to turn it off), also flicking between first and third person view repeatedly.
    • It is working fine now, thank you very much for replying.
  • MY SON'S MISSING! (Forgive the caps)

    8 messages
    • Yeah but it's sort of too late of reloading save.
    • But thanks anyway. Somehow, my son reapeared before moving to the Dawnstar house.

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