Not to be confused with Erich the Unworthy.

Bujold the Unworthy, also known as "Bujold the Intrepid," is chieftain of Thirsk Mead Hall.


In the tradition of Thirsk chieftains before her, she became leader after she slew the great beast of Ilfark and presented its stomach as a battle trophy.[1]



  • If she is met during the conclusion of the quest "The Chief of Thirsk Hall" she is called "Bujold the Intrepid."
  • The j in her name is pronounced as a soft g, as in French (e.g. bonjour or Jean Luc), which is unusual for a Nord. Usually Nordic names have the letter j representing a y sound, as in the words fjord or Jarl.
  • If the Dragonborn came back to the Mead Hall after "Retaking Thirsk," they will have a chance to tell Kuvar what really happened. If they actually tell him that Hrothmund rejects Bujold, the two will have a fight and Bujold ends up being exiled into the wilds.
  • If the Dragonborn uses a pacifying spell such as Harmony on or in the presence of Bujold, while her name is "Bujold the Unworthy," the name "Bujold the Intrepid" will show up in the top-left corner where effects are listed.