"There's no honor in being a Jarl's servant. No Sovngarde waits for the dust cleaners."


Bulfrek is a Nord citizen working as a servant to Jarl Skald the Elder in Dawnstar.


When conversing with the Dragonborn, Bulfrek says he is "not worthy of time or consideration." He is evidently angry at Skald's lack of respect for him—Skald will often poke fun at him. Skald can also be heard mocking Bulfrek's ambitions to join the Stormcloaks.


Bulfrek's requestEdit

Bulfrek "Skald, if you don't mind, sir, I have a request."
Skald "You, have a request of me, Bulfrek? [laughter] This should be interesting."
Bulfrek "Well, I was thinking, sir, with the war going on and all. Maybe, I could enlist? Fight the Imperials?"
Skald "A servant? Enlisting in the Stormcloaks? [laughter] Ah, Bulfrek, that's why I like having you about. You're always good for a laugh."
Bulfrek "Uh, yes sir. That's me. Your oafish servant."

Bulfrek's placeEdit

Skald: "Bulfrek, I have an order of swords and armor from the local blacksmith coming here. I need every piece polished to a fine shine."
Bulfrek: "Yes, my Jarl. We could hardly waste anyone else's precious time on such a tedious task."
Skald: "Exactly, Bulfrek. You always know your place."


  • "My family has served Skald Felgeif's family for generations."
  • "By the Divines, I'm tired."
  • "Just a servant of Skald the Elder. Not worthy of time or consideration."
  • "Oh it's just wonderful being Skald's servant. He's not demanding in the least..."
  • "Jarl gets booted from Dawnstar, and I'm still stuck cleaning up the dirt." (in exile)
  • "What do you want, Imperial? Ain't my life hard enough?" (in exile)



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  •  360   Upon the Imperial capture of Dawnstar, Bulfrek, instead of moving to the Palace of the Kings, may simply disappear.