"Want to know my secret for scrumptious gorapple pie? Come closer. This isn't for everyone's ears. It's the crust! I use genuine crust from inside of a kwama's shell!"
―Burzgrag gro-Bugurz[src]

Burzgrag gro-Bugurz is an Orsimer chef residing at the Caravan Company Depot, in the city of Dragonstar, Craglorn.


  • "I don't think all of the Serpent's followers are evil. Why, we had Regent Cassipia and her friend Little Leaf in here for dinner just the other night. A delightful couple! Would you care to try the dish they raved about?"
  • "Ha! I heard that! Your stomach's growling like a hungry welwa! Sit a spell and let me fill that belly."
  • "Mauloch's third jaw-bone! How do those spindly legs hold you up? Let's put some meat on that skinny frame!"