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Butcher is a Dunmer bandit chief residing in Cragslane Cavern, where he and his associates hold illegal gambling operations, using pit wolves as the bet material. The cavern is also the source of Sarthis Idren's skooma trade in Riften. They also sell moon sugar. He holds has the key to the pit wolf cages. 


The Butcher is at a very high level compared to the Dragonborn, and carries a leveled Two-Handed weapon. It is advisable to use a defensive strategy when fighting him due to his high damage per hit.


I Done Got Thaned!Edit

His location is to the left of the main room, which has the Barkeep and a few gamblers within. The Butcher and his associates' deaths, with the right quest, allow the Dragonborn to become Thane of Riften.


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