Buying a house in Chorrol is a quest in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. For sale is a large two story house on the main plaza. It is the second biggest house in Cyrodiil after Rosethorn Hall.


Speak to Countess Arriana Valga when her disposition is at least 70 and the Hero has at least 13 fame points, about buying a house. For 20,000 GoldIcon she will give the Hero the key to the house for sale on the main plaza, next to the Chorrol Mages Guild. She will also mention that Seed-Neeus at Northern Goods and Trade can sell furniture for the house.

Go over to the house to inspect and then visit Seed-Neeus to buy all the furniture needed at once if they have the money or buy what they can afford at the time. It is possible to come at back any time to purchase more furniture.


Journal Entry
  • Update: After speaking to Countess Arriana Valga:

I just bought a house in Chorrol. It's on the main plaza and back up against the chapel.

  • Update: After arriving at my new house:

Now that I've arrived at my new house in Chorrol, I may want to head over to Seed-Neeus at Northern Goods and Trade to secure some furnishing for it.

  • Update: After buying furniture at Northern Goods and Trade:

I've now bought everything Seed-Neeus has for my house in Chorrol.

  • Quest complete

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