"Please! Byz is small and only sweeps! Do not hurt Byz!"

Byz is a Goblin member of the Toothmaul Tribe found in Toothmaul Gully. Unlike most of his kin, he is non-hostile and can speak the common tongue.


Byz is a member of the Toothmaul tribe. The tribe members were all former slaves on the "big island" Byz recalls cleaning out dung pits and regular beatings. The master then took them away to their current home. They collect "trophies" from the Elves to remind them of their past hardships.

Small for his size, Byz works cleaning the cave his tribe is living in. He learned to speak from the master by watching and listening. His tribe is helping Nelanya in return for arms and weapons.

Byz will attempt to assist his tribe by helping find The Toothmaul Contract and introducing the Vestige to Chief Koth.


The Toothmaul PloyEdit


  • "No! No hot in face. Byz sweeps!"
  • "Elf is Nelanya. She make deal with Toothmaul tribe. Weapons and armor for help! She even give...What is word...Contract! Yes! Elf kings and lords have to accept deal!"
  • "Contract is in dens, down tunnel. Byz will wait by chief's den! You will see! Byz tell truth!"
  • "Byz will not scream for help. Byz promises."
  • "Elf not hurt Byz! But he threat to. Why people always threaten to hurt Byz?" —When confronted by Pirondil
  • "Byz is happy going back to sweep in warm elf houses and cellars, and not caves of scum."