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"It's the same old pish-posh. Gallant knight, epic quests rescued maidens. I came to this land when my head was quite unceremoniously separated from my body. Bad luck that, but you make the best of things."

Cadwell is the oldest of the soul shriven, and is a cheerful and endearingly mad lost soul. It is said that he is not afraid of anyone, not even a Daedric Prince, and resides in Coldharbour.


Soul Shriven in ColdharbourEdit

The Vestige and Lyris consult him in order to rescue The Prophet. He tells them of an alternate path to his cell, which is accessed by following the river.

Castle of the WormEdit

When the Vestige and Lyris arrive at the Castle of the Worm to rescue Abnur Tharn, they ask the soul shriven in the nearby town how to get inside the castle undetected. The locals direct them to Cadwell, whom they rescue from Worm Cultists. Grateful for their assistance, Cadwell assists them in infiltrating the castle and again during their escape by opening a locked gate from the outside. The Vestige then has the choice between bringing Cadwell back to Tamriel or leaving him in Coldharbour.

The Army of MeridiaEdit

Upon arriving in Coldharbour with the Fighters and Mages Guild force, the Vestige is separated by Molag Bal's defenses, and lands alone to the south of the Hollow City, near Cadwell's hovel. The old knight directs them north to the city. Afterwards, he assists survivors from Tamriel in returning to the Hollow City by using portals to traverse to Coldharbour.

Breaking the ShackleEdit

Once the Vestige rescues Vanus Galerion from the Black Forge, Cadwell helps defend Vanus from Daedra alongside the Vestige, Treva, and Svari while Vanus destroys the Great Shackle.

Crossing the ChasmEdit

Cadwell directed the Vestige to destroy Molag Bal's reinforcement portals while the Tamriel force of Mages and Fighters Guild members fought their way accross the Chasm. He also fought Molag Grunda alongside the Vestige after they reached the gatehouse at the end of the Chasm.

The Final AssaultEdit

Once the Planar Vortex was reached, the Groundskeeper revealed herself to be Meridia. She guided the Vestige and their group, including Cadwell, as they destroyed Dark Anchors. Once the Light of Meridia's power was released at the focal point of the Vortex, Meridia transported the survivors back to the Hollow City before they were killed.

God of SchemesEdit

After the Five Companions had performed the ritual to imbue the Vestige with the power of Akatosh, the surviving Companions were attacked by Daedra. Before they could be overwhelmed, Cadwell arrived and brought them through a portal to the Harborage. Once the Vestige had defeated Molag Bal and recovered their soul, Cadwell declared he was now pledged to serve Meridia. He told the Vestige how to use the Light of Meridia to journey to the lands of their enemy alliances should they be interested in exploring them.


  • "One fine day in the middle of the night. Two dead kings got up to fight. Back to back they faced each other, drew their bows... and stabbed themselves."
  • "I've had the oddest feeling we've discussed this before, or did I already mention that? No matter. I am sir Cadwell the Undaunted. Knight of the court of Coldharbour, Champion of Chivalry, Defender of the Defenceless, Sheppard to the Soul-Shriven."
  • "Well, don't dally about here, you've got a princess to rescue. It was a princess, wasn't it?"


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  • He is voiced by John Cleese.
  • He is originally from the Cyrodilic town of Chorrol.
  • Even if the Vestige chooses to take Cadwell to Tamriel, he can still be found both in either Harborage or Coldharbour, participating in all latter quests in those locations as if he had never left Molag Bal's plane.
  • He has a pet chicken named Honor.
  • Cadwell bears strong resemblance to the iconic Don Quixote de La Mancha, written by Miguel de Cervantes in 1605 and 1615, and considered to be the greatest character of spanish literature.
    • Much like Quixote, Cadwell is an idealistic and humorous middle-aged man, who dreams of knighthood and adventures, courageous in his own madness, usually portraying the role of the fool who actually leads to interesting plots.
    • The design of Cadwell's moustache and beard resemble a lot the usual portrayal of Don Quixote, as the pot he uses as helmet is in a similar position of the spanish hero.


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