"I came to Leyawiin after a tour in the Legions. Poor Mother. She hoped I'd choose the chapel or civil service, or perhaps even marry well."
―Caelia Draconis[src]

Caelia Draconis quote

Caelia Draconis is a Guard Captain in Leyawiin and also a member of the Imperial Legion. After she served a tour in the Legion, she settled down as a guard, to the upset of her mother.


Next of KinEdit

The Hero is to eliminate the entire Draconis family, five targets in total. In the list of gifts that Perennia Draconis gives the Hero, she says that Caelia was always getting into tussles as a girl, and she always thought of her being something of a tomboy.

Caelia was also apparently quite the heart-breaker until she joined the Legion and neglected to maintain a more 'feminine' look. Perennia requests them buy Caelia a "girly" gift, suggesting chocolates or perfume.


  • "I'm Caelia Draconis. Captain of the Leyawiin Guard. I hope we will not meet in my official capacity... ha-ha."


  • If the Hero commits a crime in front of Caelia she will arrest them like any other Legionnare. She is one of the only female Imperial Legion members in the game alongside Viera Lerus.
  • After she is dead, her longsword is leaning on her tombstone outside of the family farm, Applewatch beside Perennia Draconis' tombstone.
  • Her tombstone will have an epitaph saying, "Here lies Caelia Draconis, dedicated daughter and noble member of the Leyawiin City Watch. Killed in action."
  • She's the only Leyawiin Guard to make use of Steel Armor.
    • She's the only guard in the entire game to make use of a Steel Shield instead of the shield of her county.