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"I am just an old man with a Skooma problem..."
―Caius Cosades[src]

Caius Cosades is an Imperial monk and spymaster of the Blades residing in the city of Balmora. He is a Skooma addict, and is the head of the Blades chapter in Morrowind.


Caius Cosades went to Morrowind as an undercover Blade to train other Blade members. Other citizens think he is actually a Skooma dealer, as there is a skooma pipe and Moon Sugar in his house and on his person.

He is tasked by the Emperor to train the Nerevarine and to tell them about the Sixth House and the Nerevarine prophecies. He is helpful to the Nerevarine throughout the whole of the main questline, although stealing from his house will make him hostile.

At the end of the Corprus Cure quest, Caius is called back to the Imperial City and will never be seen again by the Nerevarine.


Main Quests until Mehra Milo and the Lost Prophecies quest:


Caius wears Common Pants, Common Shoes, a Common Belt, and no shirt. He carries five portions of the illegal narcotic Moon Sugar with him as well.