Calipers are a non-usable tool item. They have the visual appearance of Tongs, only smaller. Calipers and tongs alike are given to Tove the Unrestful in the quest "Work is Never Done" from The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles.



  • In Skyrim, M'aiq the Liar will sometimes mention the lack of calipers in Skyrim, saying he has been searching for them, but cannot find any. This is a hint at the deletion of calipers.
  • A similar reference is made by Wylandriah, Riften's court wizard. Upon suggesting that she should use calipers for an experiment, she replies with, "Calipers? That's utterly ridiculous. Maybe long ago, you could just find calipers in every household across Tamriel, but not anymore." This may be also a reference to the deletion of calipers, or Tove's quest.