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Calixto Corrium
Calixto Corrium
Race Imperial
Gender Male
Level 8
Class Rogue
Services Museum tours
Appraises jewelry
Ref ID 0001B11D
Base ID 0001414A
The Butcher redirects here. For the Bandit Chief, see Butcher (Bandit Chief).
"Welcome to the House of Curiosities! I offer a brief tour for a few coins, or you can simply browse at your leisure."
―Calixto Corrium[src]

Calixto Corrium is an Imperial shopkeeper in Windhelm. As the owner of Calixto's House of Curiosities, he offers tours of the items he and his sister collected during their travels in Tamriel. He offers tours of the trinkets they collected for 2 GoldIcon.


During his adult life, his parents died of unknown causes, bequeathing a large fortune to Calixto and his sister. Traveling Tamriel, they collected several rare items, such as the Book of Fate. Shortly after settling in Windhelm, his sister died, and he opened a curiosity shop in her name, to display their collection.


Blood on the IceEdit

Calixto is a museum owner, dubbed "The Butcher" by Viola Giordano. He kills women to perform necromantic rituals, in hopes of resurrecting his dead sister. One of his victims was Friga, the twin sister of Nilsine Shatter-Shield. Before coming to Windhelm, he was an adventurer, traveling and collecting artifacts and oddities. He criticizes the college mages for dabbling in magic with which they are already familiar, glamorizing the possible innovations of necromancy.

Crime scene and journalEdit

He appears at the scene of Susanna the Wicked's murder. When questioned by the Dragonborn, he says he saw the culprit run off. When the Dragonborn discovers a Strange Amulet at Hjerim, they are directed towards Calixto. Calixto claims the amulet belongs to Wuunferth the Unliving and lies when he states that the court-wizard dabbled in necromancy before serving the Jarl. The Dragonborn can accuse Wuunferth of the crime, but they can also discover a hidden chest in Calixto's shop with the "real" edition of the Butcher Journal.

Learning the true culpritEdit

Speaking to Wuunferth in the dungeons of the Palace of the Kings, the Dragonborn learns the murders in Windhelm have continued since the court-wizard's incarceration. Suspecting the killer will strike again that same night, he sends The Dragonborn to the Stone Quarter, where they find Calixto attempting to kill a random female. Preventing the murder, Calixto is killed and the murderous streak brought to an end. If not stopped in time he will kill the woman then run to Hjerim, where he will be hostile to the Dragonborn upon entering.

Hired ThugEdit

Stealing from Calixto may prompt him to hire thugs to attack the thief.


  •  PS3   360   During Blood on the Ice, after obtaining the Strange Amulet, it's possible to sell it to Calixto, then pickpocket it back, then sell it to him again endlessly for 500 GoldIcon each time. This can be easily exploited for a lot of money, as well as easily training Pickpocket.


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  • If Calixto is asked to give a tour while not in his house, he may enter the building, leaving the door locked behind him. The lock can be picked, after which the tour may or may not resume normally.
  •  PS3   360   During the Blood on the Ice quest he may become immortal and stay in Hjerim, and every time it is entered he will attack.
    • Also, during the same quest, he may not attempt to murder someone but start running like a normal civilian. Both attacking and killing him will add bounty and guards will start to attack.
  • After obtaining the Stange Amulet it is impossible to sell it to Calixto.


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