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Call of Valor is a dragon shout In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


This shout is obtained as part of the main storyline.


Call of Valor allows the Dragonborn to summon one of the three heroes in the Hall of Valor who assisted in the defeat of Alduin. They will appear on the closest flat piece of ground where the Shout is aimed, and take on the form of a spectral version of themselves. Upon being summoned, they become a temporary follower that lasts 60 seconds, and will assist against any hostile enemies. Also, as in Sovngarde, they can use various shouts. The number of Words used calls forth a different summon:


  • A Summoned Hero cannot be interacted with (although the talk option appears).
    • However, a Summoned Hero can be attacked and killed by the Dragonborn. They will retaliate after four hits.
  • A hero cannot be Soul Trapped, nor can they be affected by a Soul Trap Enchantment.
  • A hero will perform a dying animation when they disappear, regardless of whether they were hit or not.


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