Calming Pants is an item of clothing found in The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles. They are a pair of enchanted pants with a Fortify Personality effect. Ahjazda wants the Hero to get her these pants in the quest "The Coming Storm." Fimmion is wearing them and he wants a sweetroll in exchange. After giving them away, Fimmion walks around without pants.


  • It is highly recommended that the game is saved before talking to Fimmion, because it is very possible that the game will bug at this point and not register that the Hero has them. In fact, if the game bugs at this point, more than one pair of pants can be obtained while talking to Fimmion, but the Hero will never be able to give anything to Ahjazda and they cannot be dropped because they are quest items. Fortunately, as a quest item, they weigh nothing, and can be removed with console commands.
  • One can get these pants back after the quest is completed. Once Ahjazda decides that the world is not ending, she has no problem selling them.
  • When worn, they will apply the Extreme Calm active effect.


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  •  PC   One can purchase these pants back, along with the Ring of Desiccation and the Amulet of Disintegration from Ahjazda. However, when doing so, they will remain in the player character's inventory indefinitely, with an error message that says "You cannot remove Quest Items from your inventory."
    •  PC(Fix)   The only way to get rid of the pants would be to use the console command player.removeitem 00078727 1.