Caminalda is an Altmer who spends her time in the Brina Cross Inn just outside Anvil. She is very interested and concerned in the recent merchant slayings near the Inn.


Anvil RecommendationEdit

Sent to Brina Cross Inn to investigate a "rogue mage," the Hero met with Arielle Jurard, an undercover battlemage. After renting a room at the inn as Arielle instructed, Caminalda approaches the Hero, expressing false concern about the recent murders on the Gold Road.

Once the Hero speaks again with Arielle and leaves the inn, Caminalda waits for them in the brush outside and confesses she is the murderer. Attempting to kill who she believes is a merchant, Arielle and Roliand ambush her and destroy her.


Caminalda summons skeletons to assist her in battle. She also favors Frost Touch, and because of this, Carahil may supply the Hero with scrolls of Frost Shield before sending the Hero to Brina Cross Inn. If the scrolls are used, she switches to Fireball spells.