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For other uses, see Camlorn.

Camlorn is a coastal city in High Rock. It is one of several possible locations that the Eternal Champion may discover in The Elder Scrolls: Arena.


Camlorn was initially founded as a Nordic city, but became Breton by assimilation during the First Era.[1]

It is considered one of the eight kingdoms of High Rock.[2] Only the heir to the throne was called a Prince. Succession was by appointment by the monarch.[3]

In 3E 63, the kingdom was ruled by King Vulstaed, and was terrorized by a great demon werewolf. Vulstead's daughter Qunintilla and the future Emperor Pelagius Septim II slew the beast and later married.[4]

Before becoming Imperial Battlemage, the future archtraitor Jagar Tharn was priest of Sethiete at Camlorn. The King at the time tried to warn Uriel Septim VII of the man, but was killed by his brother, the Duke of Oloine, before he could do so. This case was discovered in 3E 405 and the new King, the former Duke of Oloine, was arrested.[3]

Perhaps as a consequence of that, at the end of the Third Era, Camlorn was ruled by a Duke, Senhyn, not a King. Low-level tensions exist with Northpoint and Evermore. At that time it is also expected that the marriage of the Duke's daughter, Lady Kelmena, to the heir of Daggerfall will lead to a union of the two realms in the next generation.[1]