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Camoran Kaltos was a tactician in the Valenwood Military, known for his clever battle tactics[1]. He was also a close friend and associate of Haymon Camoran. Most likely, Kaltos was the leader of Valenwood's military forces, or a special branch thereof. Haymon, later known as the "Camoran Usurper," served as sorcerer and advisor to Lord Kaltos. 

Usurpation and Takeover Edit

In 3E 249 Camoran Kaltos, along with the aid of his chief scout Orben Elmlock, and sorcerer Haymon began a takeover of the Camoran Throne.  They were soon able to conquer the city tree Falinesti and assume control of the Throne.  During the takeover, Kaltos was adamant that no one be harmed if they did not pose a threat. It was for this reason that the relationship between Kaltos and Haymon began to breakdown. 

Fall of Kvatch and BetrayalEdit

During subsequent conquest, Haymon was not satisfied with control of just Valenwood and began to conquer the surrounding regions. One of the first outside cities to be conquered was the Cyrodiilic city of Kvatch. Haymon began an attack on the city of Kvatch and ended up decimating the population, laying waste to the city.  Kaltos, though a usurper himself could not believe the horrors which Haymon was causing. 

In the words of Kaltos' Chief Scout, Orben Elmlock, as told in the book "The Refugees ":

"That was horrible, the worst thing I have ever seen... Kaltos wept when he saw what Haymon had done. My master did everything he could to stop it, begging the Hart-King to return to Valenwood. But he turned on Kaltos, and we fled. We are not your enemy, and we have never been. Kaltos could do nothing to prevent the horror that the Usurper has brought to the Colovian West and Hammerfell, and he has fought for fifteen years to prevent more."

The Hart-King.  That was what Haymon called himself when he betrayed Kaltos.  Kaltos did his best to convince Haymon to return and stop the madness he was pursuing, but Haymon betrayed him and Kaltos, along with Elmlock was forced to flee. 

Fall of the UsurperEdit

Kaltos is said to have spent the next 15 years of his life working in opposition to the so-called "Hart-King." While not talked of himself, it is known that Kaltos Chief Scout, Orben Elmlock was in dwynnen when Haymon Camoran was finally killed.