Can't Leave Without Her is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. The Vanne Farm has been overrun by Supernal Dreamer cultists and Daedra. Phinis Vanne is simply trying to escape, but his sister Marlene has barricaded herself in the house. He asks the Vestige to persuade her to leave.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Marlene Vanne
    1. Persuade option
  2. Collect Dremora Head
  3. Show the Dremora Head to Marlene Vanne
  4. Reunite Marlene with her Brother
  5. Complete the quest


Phinis Vanne is so glad someone finally stopped to talk to him. He and his sister were visiting their aunt Ingride's farm when it was attacked by Supernal Dreamer cultists and Daedra appeared, killing nearly everyone on the farm. He thinks there's no hope in saving the farm, and that they all must be dead. He says just wants to get his sister out of here so they can go back home to Camlorn.

His sister Marlene is too scared and has locked herself up in the house they were staying in. He has begged her to come out but she will not, as she doesn't feel safe coming out. After offering to help, head over to the house. The door is bolted so the only thing the Vestige can do is to knock hard on the door when the option is given. Marlene replies and she wants them to stop knocking on the door, as this will make the cultists and Daedra come and kill her. She then tells them to just go away.

She believes that it is not safe out there, but once promised to be taken to her brother, will be convinced further. However, she needs the Vestige to kill a cultist of Daedric minion to prove that they can before she will go with them.

The Vestige should head back out on the farm, find a Dremora and kill it, and collect its head. Once Marlene sees it, through the keyhole, she says "Ew. That's gross." She will then let the Vestige in reluctantly.

Escort Marlene back to her her brother, who is grateful she is safe. They need to get back to Camlorn quickly, and will give the Vestige 84 GoldIcon as a token of gratitude before leaving.


  • 36–151 GoldIcon