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Cannibalism is an ability in The Elder Scrolls that allows the player to consume dead NPCs.


Cannibal Consumption is an effect that raises infamy four points. It is gotten along with a disease, Cannibal's Prion that drains Agility and Intelligence by twenty points each. The Hero gets the disease by eating the Beating Heart, which also carries Porphyric Hemophilia, which can turn them into a vampire. The beating heart is found during the add-on quest "Mehrunes' Razor". A Daedric champion must be defeated to get it. The heart can be eaten to avoid fighting Mehrunes Dagon's champion a second time to get Mehrunes' Razor.


Cannibalism is featured in Skyrim, as the Dragonborn has the option to join a group of cannibals by eating someone in the Daedric quest The Taste of Death[1]. To start, talk to Eola inside the Halls of the Dead in Markarth. Upon completing the quest, Namira awards the Ring of Namira which allows eating the flesh of humanoids to regain health and stamina. However when near guards they might comment on how bad your breath is (This will only happen while you wear the Ring of Namira.) If you encounter any of the cannibals after the quest then there is a new dialogue option which asks: "Didn't I see you at the "feast"?".

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