Canon Valasa is a Dunmer residing in Seyda Neen on Vvardenfell.


Divine ConundrumEdit


"Forgive me, Outlander, but I have enough to deal with. I'm just a simple Tribunal priest, and the trouble at the Ancestral Tomb was too much for even our Buoyant Armiger to deal with. I have failed Lord Vivec and left a colleague alone at the tomb."

What happened at the Ancestral Tomb? "Lord Vivec sent the three of us to seek guidance at the Andrano Ancestral Tomb. We were attacked when we got there and our guard was seriously hurt. I barely got her to safely, but we failed to complete the mission Lord Vivec bestrowed upon us."
Three of you? You mentioned another priest... "Canon Llevule. He remained behind after we retreated from the tomb. I know he wants to get back inside and ask Lord Vivec's questions, but there's no way he can get past the Daedra or ask the questions on his own. May the Three grant him wisdom."