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Not to be confused with Canon.

Canonization is a socio-religious practice performed by the church of the Nine Divines or the Tribunal Temple. The process is used to reward martyrs and important personages for their saintly deeds. Canonized individuals are known as "saints".

Rules for canonizationEdit

Canonized individuals must receive some form of divine intervention from a member of the Nine Divines or the Tribunal Temple, such as in the instance of Alessia, who directly interacted with Akatosh and Kynareth[1][2][3], or Jiub who was directly saved from death by Vivec. [4] When a miracle occurs through the individual, they may also qualify as a saint. Beatification may not always be religiously linked, such as the case with Jiub, who was canonized by Tribunal Temple for fending off the Cliff Racers.

Nine Divine saintsEdit

Tribunal saintsEdit


The following are major saints included in the Tribunal, each with their own encompasing spheres[5][6]:


Shrine of St. Meris

The shrine of St. Meris the Peacemaker.

The following are minor saints canonized by the Tribunal Temple and their encompasing spheres[6][7]:


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