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Canonreeve is a position of authority in Altmer society, similar to that of "Battlereeve." On one occasion, the title has been translated to mean "diplomat".[1]

A Canonreeve is responsible for the running of a city in Altmeri society, making them equivalent to a Mayor in real life.

Telenger the Artificer's book, Fang of the Sea Vipers, warns Auridon citizens to contact their Canonreeve if they encounter any Maormer.[2]. Life in the Eagle's Shadow also mentions this title.[3] A note written by Advisor Norion to Valano makes mention of Valano becoming Canonreeve of Skywatch if he helps the Veiled Heritance.[4]

Known CanonreevesEdit

Canonreeve MalanieEdit

Canonreeve NesaranweEdit

Canonreeve OranethEdit

Canonreeve PinanandeEdit

Canonreeve SinyonEdit

Canonreeve ValanoEdit



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