Canonreeve Sinyon is an Altmer residing in the city of Dawnbreak, in Auridon.


Canonreeve Sinyon lives in Dawnbreak with his wife, Tenyemanwe. The two got married as their respective parents thought they would be a good match for one another.[1]

Sinyon thought that High Kinlady Estre had the right idea for Auridon, and that it should only look after Altmer interests. Unfortunately for him, though, Estre only wanted to use the township for her own Daedric master's nefarious purposes.


To DawnbreakEdit

Speaking to this character completes this quest, and rewards the Vestige with 34 GoldIcon.

Through the AshesEdit


  • After completion of this quest, Canonreeve Sinyon is stripped of his Canonreeve position, owing to a complete failure in his duties.