"Canonreeve Valano, at your service."
―Canonreeve Valano[src]

Canonreeve Valano is an Altmer, and the acting Canonreeve of the town of Silsailen, on the island of Auridon.


Born into the ruling family of Silsailen, Valano became friends with a young Queen Ayrenn before she disappeared. He eventually took over the position of Canonreeve of Silsailen. During this time, he had a daughter, Elenwen, with an unknown woman. When Ayrenn returned, being an old friend, he was overjoyed by her return, but he was not when she started talking about joining forces with the Khajiit and Bosmer.

He became disillusioned with her, and soon became convinced that she was no longer the woman he had known. As she moved further and further away from the traditional ways, he joined the Veiled Heritance, and started working towards the downfall of his once-friend. Using his position and knowledge, he sent soldiers of the Veil to ambush a First Auridon Marines unit that was heading to Silsailen ahead of Ayrenn. The Veil agents stole the marines' armor and equipment. He then ordered them to attack Silsailen, with the intent of making it look like the marines attacked the town under the command of Ayrenn.

Once the Vestige becomes involved in the town's conflict, Valano's roll in the attack is uncovered by Teldur, his long-time assistant. Teldur confronts him about it, and when Valano attempted to escape, Teldur captures him. He forces him at knifepoint back to the Valano Manor, but his reason for doing so is unknown to the townspeople. However, the members of the Veiled Heritance were waiting in an ambush for him, and Teldur is critically wounded and then left to die by them. He remains alive long enough to tell the Vestige of Valano's betrayal, giving the Vestige the task of stopping Valano.

Once he and his agents are killed by the Vestige, Elenwen will become the new Canonreeve of Silsailen in his stead. She says that she will work to undo the damage done by Valano to the town.


  • "Fool! Think you can mess with the Veiled Heritance and live to tell the tale?"