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For other uses, see Capstone Cave.

Capstone Cave is a cave in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. It is west of Bruma and southwest of Cloud Ruler Temple, near Applewatch farm.


Capstone CavesEdit

Consisting of several chambers with bandits and creatures, a few chests and crates and two traps: including a cave-in and a swinging mace.

Capstone Great CavernEdit

Consisting of a lower and upper floor with bandits and animals. More chests and crates plus three traps including: rotting timber that is used to crossed the upper floor level, a swinging log whilst crossing timbers and a swinging mace in the entry tunnel.

There are several ingredients in the crates and barrels and a plethora of mushrooms: Cairn Bolete and Wisp Stalk.


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