"Fires of Oblivion! These motherless slavers have captured my entire crew!"
―Captain Albert Marck[src]

Captain Albert Marck is a Breton residing in Stormhaven. He has lost his crew to the slavers and needs a bit of help from the Vestige. He's found hiding behind a rock between the two Ember-Eye camps south of Koeglin Lighthouse.

Later on, Captain Marck can be found in Cloudy Dregs Inn in Wayrest with his First Mate Elvira Derre. The two are broke after their scuffle with the slavers and borrowed funds from the Midnight Union to once again set sail. Eventually they manage to build another crew from the dissenters of Captain Kaleen's Betnikh expedition and obtain a new ship called the Dawn Posset to once again set sail.


Captive CrewmembersEdit

The slavers have captured the crew of a ship that crashed on the rocks. Captain Albert Marck has asked the Vestige to free them and by chance, take out Captain Angarthal, a lieutenant of the Ember-Eye slavers, in the process.

Divert and DeliverEdit

Captain Marck meets up with First Mate Elvira Derre east of the lighthouse, who has a plan to liberate the rest of their crew from Ma'jhad Kha and his slavers who have taken up residence in Steelheart Moorings.

The Debt Collector's DebtsEdit

Captain Marck is the smuggler S'rashi the debt collector needs to collect gold from in order to pay his debts off to Count Hosni at-Tura in the Midnight Union.

Favor for the QueenEdit

After the destruction of the Doomcrag, Queen Maraya of Wayrest instructs the Vestige to meet Elvira in Northpoint, where Captain Marck's crew is stationed. Elvira offers the Vestige passage to Sentinel as their crew were also on the way there to sell timber.

Risen From the Depths Edit

Having arrived at City of Sentinel, the crew meets unexpected resistance from an undead invasion, with the local guards helpless and unable to attack their ancestors.