"What do you want? Wait, never mind. I don't want to know. I'm not taking on any fares today."
―Captain Erronfaire[src]

Captain Erronfaire is an Altmer who resides in the Auridon city of Vulkhel Guard.


Unaccounted CrewEdit

Captain Erronfaire, despite wanting to ship out, does not have her ship fully loaded and is missing four members of her crew, Tanamo, Anala, Balithil, and Degail. She requires the Vestige to find them. When she is told of the Maormer, she sets sail with only Tanamo.


  • "You're damned right there's something wrong. I needed to sail for Velyn Harbor hours ago. I've got cargo still to load, and crew members deep in their cups around town. I'd let the guard have the lot of them, if I could afford it."