For the character in Dragonborn, see General Falx Carius.

Falx Carius is an Imperial captain stationed at Fort Frostmoth.


Captain Falx Carius is an Imperial commander who is stationed at Fort Frostmoth. Carius is a Knight Protector of Imperial Legion on the island of Solstheim. He is also in charge of Fort Frostmoth. Carius' chambers can be found on the top of the General Quarters. At the end of the quest-line he unknowingly becomes part of the Bloodmoon Prophecy.

It is well known throughout Morrowind that General Falx Carius has been rumored to have founded Raven Rock, and his exploits on the island are innumerable. Carius had survived the hunt and went on to become a General in the Imperial Army.[1] Unfortunately he passed away, along with getting his fortress leveled, during the eruption of Red Mountain in the Red Year, along with Ald-Ruhn.[1]


An Island to the NorthEdit

Learn about Solstheim and how to get there.

Rebellion at FrostmothEdit

Assist Carius find out why everyone in Fort Frostmoth is suddenly thirsty for wine.

Frostmoth SmugglersEdit

Help the captain find out who is smuggling weapons in the fort.

The Disappearance of Captain CariusEdit

Find Captain Carius, who has gone missing after an attack on the fort.

Hircine's HuntEdit

Kill Hircine's aspect and complete the Bloodmoon Prophecy.



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