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Captain Hargar is a Nord bandit from the Blackblood Marauders group.


Hargar is a commanding member of the Blackblood Marauders [source?], a group of bandits led by Jaree-Ra and his sister Deeja living in the cave at Broken Oar Grotto. He resides in a ship that became stuck after a cave-in.[1] His journal can be found in his quarters within the ship, and his personal stash (Hargar's Chest) can be found in the adjacent sunken ship.


Kill the Bandit Leader at Broken Oar GrottoEdit

Ahtar, the Castle Dour jailor, asks the Dragonborn to locate and kill Captain Hargar.

Lights Out!Edit

He plays a role at the quest's very end, "Defeat Jaree-Ra", as he stands near Jaree-Ra inside Broken Oar Grotto.


When killed, he drops Hargar's Chest Key, a leveled weapon, GoldIcon, leather armor, and random loot.


  • Captain Hargar knows Jaree-Ra and has worked with him in the past.[1]



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