Not to be confused with Captain Velyna.
"Some consider my methods harsh, but playing the coddling nursemaid has never won a battle."
―Captain Veleth[src]

Captain Modyn Veleth is a Dunmer found in Raven Rock. He is the captain of the Redoran Guard stationed at Raven Rock. He wears Bonemold Armor. If the Dragonborn saves him during the quest "March of the Dead," he will thank them by saying, "Thanks... I wasn't sure I'd make it off this farm alive. I wish I could have said the same for my man here."


March of the DeadEdit

Located at the Old Attius Farm, the Dragonborn must rescue him from a group of Ash Spawn. He gives the orders to kill General Falx Carius. He will remain outside of the Old Attius Farm until the quest is started.

Recipe for DistractionEdit

After the saving him from the Ash Spawn at the farm, Veleth will ask for help in finding a hidden stash of Emberbrand Wine that his guards have hidden somewhere in Raven Rock.

Served ColdEdit

After the completion of "March of the Dead" and "The Final Descent," he directs the Dragonborn to Adril Arano.


  • He is in a relationship with Dreyla Alor, but is keeping it a secret because her father does not approve. They can be seen meeting together in the Retching Netch. They meet every day from 8AM to 10AM.


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