Capture The Flag is one of three player-versus-player (PvP) modes that can be played on the Battlegrounds maps within The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind expansion.


In Capture The Flag, the Vestige is put onto a team with three others, against two other teams of four, making it a 4v4v4.


At the start of the game each team will have their relic (flag) just outside of the base they spawn in. Pit Daemons have a skull, Fire Drakes have a fiery relic, and the Storm Lords have a crown.


The goal of the game is to steal the other teams' relics whilst keeping yours safe. Points are gained by taking an enemy's relic and bringing it back to yours. When a player grabs an enemy relic they have a beacon on them the color of the relic's owner and have the relic above the beam. In order for the point to count and the relic to be captured the team stealing the relic must have their own relic safe at their base, if not, they cannot capture it, and they must wait until they have reclaimed theirs. A winner is declared in two ways, either one team hitting the point limit or one team having the most points at the end of the 15 minute timer.



Once the game ends, a scoreboard will show everyone's kills, deaths, assists, damage dealt, health healed, and other medals earned through the match.


When the match starts, the Vestige will be on one of three teams, Pit Daemons (Green), Fire Drakes (Orange), or Storm Lords (Purple). Each team's spawn is associated and surrounded by an aura with their color which acts as a barrier, only letting players of that team through.


Battlegrounds Activity Finder
  • While the normal Cyrodiil PvP campaigns have their own section in the menus, Capture The Flag and other Battlegrounds mode are found under the Activity Finder.

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