"Hello there. Is there something with which I can assist you? Perhaps you're curious about joining the Mages Guild."

Carahil quote

Carahil is an Altmer Spellsword who heads the Mages Guild in Anvil. As a trainer of Illusion, she offers the additional service of providing the Anvil Recommendation to Associates of the Mages Guild. Her class is listed as Spellsword, and she possess the rank of Wizard in the Mages Guild. During the majority of the day, she stands at the front desk of the Anvil Mages Guild, reading a book. She wears the Black and Burgundy Outfit and Gold Trimmed Shoes.

Personality and backgroundEdit

According to the Guide to Anvil she is "a scholar of good reputation and an outspoken enemy of necromancy, summoning, and the dark arts," [1] and therefore has Alessia Ottus' stamp of approval.

Speaking to her reveals that she is a staunch supporter of the guidelines set by Arch-Mage Hannibal Traven; she, along with Falcar, agreed with Traven's policy of requiring associates of the guild to receive recommendations from each Guild Hall leader before gaining access to the Arcane University.


Illusion TrainingEdit

Carahil provides advanced training in Illusion.

Where Spirits Have LeaseEdit

Carahil was the young upstart mentioned by Velwyn Benirus in the "Where Spirits Have Lease" quest who led the assault on Benirus Manor, resulting in Logrus Benirus' death. After completing the quest, Carahil may say the Hero of Kvatch finished what she started years ago.

Anvil RecommendationEdit

Entrusted by the Council of Mages to handle the threat of a rogue mage that had been burglarizing and murdering merchants on the Gold Road west of Kvatch and north of Anvil. She may have given the task to the Hero of Kvatch to perform as part of their entrance into the Arcane University. She highlights Brina Cross Inn on the map and directs the Associate to speak with Arielle Jurard upon arriving there. Speaking with Carahil further prompts her to reveal that the rogue mage employs frost magic to murder their victims and provides three scrolls of Frost Shield. Upon killing Caminalda, she expresses shock to learn the murderer was a woman and expresses sympathy for her death, despite acknowledging that Arielle and Roliand served their duty by killing her.


Anvil: "The Anvil Mages Guild is proud to follow the example Hannibal Traven sets for us: mastery and scholarship free if the dark arts."


  • Both Velwyn and Lorgren Benirus refer to Carahil as a male in the quest "Where the Spirits Have Lease."
  • While most skills have two basic and two advanced trainers, Carahil is the only advanced trainer in Illusion.