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Not to be confused with Calcelmo.
"Carecalmo is a very old High Elf wizard. As a young mage he served Uriel V, though he did not follow him to Akavir. He was accounted among the wise and powerful until he was implicated in Jagar Tharn's plot to place an impostor on the Imperial throne. Since then he and his bodyguard, a masterful knight named Meryaran, have been fugitives. Carecalmo is a servant of Mehrunes Dagon, a grim agent of death and destruction, and the Imperial cult has long sought to destroy him."
Lalatia Varian[src]

Carecalmo is an Altmer mage, who operates out of the Daedric shrine Ashalmimilkala. In addition to Sithis, he also worships the Daedric Prince Mehrunes Dagon. He is helping the Dark Brotherhood (but is not a member of the faction) and is protected by his bodyguard Meryaran.


Carecalmo is a powerful mage with 2,000 Magicka who can use the Wizard Rend and Burden spells to hinder his enemies.


Carecalmo carries the Belt of Sanguine Martial Craft, which must be retrieved during the quest Threads of the Webspinner.

Related questsEdit


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