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Carlotta Valentia

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Carlotta Valentia
Carlotta Valentia
Race Imperial
Gender Female
Level 4
Class Food Vendor
Services Merchant
Ref ID 0001A675
Base ID 00013B99
"Life's hard enough with all these men propositioning me. But that bard is the worst."
―Carlotta Valentia[src]

Carlotta Valentia is an Imperial merchant in Whiterun.


If the Dragonborn sides with the Stormcloaks or stays neutral, Carlotta will mention that they have been harassing her. She says that she gets a lot of attention from men, but all that matters to her is her daughter, Mila.


Carlotta can give an unmarked quest in which the bard in the Bannered Mare, Mikael, is told to leave her alone. He can be persuaded, bribed or defeated in a brawl for a leveled reward.


  • "Ripe fruit and fresh vegetables for sale! Straight from the fields and orchards of Whiterun to your table!"
  • "I've got a hungry daughter to feed, so selling my produce is really the only thing I care about."
  • "hope you're looking at me like that because you want to buy something?"


  • Like other NPCs, Carlotta can follow the Dragonborn into their home in Whiterun. If this happens, she will go into more detail about her daughter's location.
  • One can sleep in her bed (possibly because she was originally supposed to be a potential spouse).
  • She was voiced by Colleen Delany.


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  • If married (via console commands), and asked to move, her daughter (Mila) will stay behind in Whiterun.
  •  PS3   Despite her dialogue indicating that she is dedicated to making enough money to take care of her daughter, the player is unable to invest in her business with the Investor perk.
  •  PS3   It is possible for the player to collect two inheritances from Carlotta if she is killed. The first can be received after her death, and as long as that inheritance is received, another can be received from a courier after she becomes an ash pile if her body is reanimated as a zombie.
  • Sometimes she will appear next to Severio Pelagia's house as if she was next to her stall.


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