"Sir, I pledge you my sword. I wish to join you in your quest to restore the Knights of the Nine and defeat this... Umaril."
―Carodus Oholin[src]

Carodus Oholin quote

Carodus Oholin is an Imperial crusader first met at the Chapel of Zenithar in Leyawiin.

Early lifeEdit

Carodus grew up in Cheydinhal. His father was a cobbler, and his mother was an acolyte of Zenithar. One day, both were killed in an accident when Carodus was still young. Because of this, he became a ward of the crown and was drafted into the Imperial Army. He then ended up serving two tours patrolling Stros M'kai. He then left the army and devoted his life to Zenithar, inspired by his parents.

Knights of the NineEdit

Carodus came to the Chapel of Zenithar, attempting to receive the Mace of the Crusader. After he failed, he stayed at the chapel to guard it.

When first met, he will greet the Hero and ask if they are the one restoring the Knights of the Nine. He will then explain why he is there and shares the story of the Mace.

After the mace has been reached and taken by the Hero, the chapel will be attacked by Aurorans, the Daedric minions from the realm of Meridia. After the battle, he will ask the Knight Commander to let him join the Knights of the Nine. If he is knighted, he will head to the Priory of the Nine and change his armor.


The Path of the RighteousEdit

Retrieve the Mace of Zenithar from the Chapel of Zenithar.

Umaril the UnfeatheredEdit

If allowed to join the Knights, he will join the battle to help kill Umaril for good.