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A Carpenter's Workbench is a crafting station in The Elder Scrolls V: Hearthfire.


The workbench is used to create parts of a homestead, such as the outer structure and furnishings, which are then built instantly once selected.

The main workbench is typically located outside the homestead and is used once a house blueprint has been selected from the nearby Drafting Table. As sections of the homestead are built, additional workbenches can be found inside the homestead so that furnishings can be built. These can later be removed at the Drafting Table once they have served their purpose.


It's advisable to craft the anvil at the small back room of the Main Hall first, so that it can be used to craft other items such as nails or iron fittings. This removes the need go outside repeatedly to use the outdoor anvil.


  • Sometimes items crafted do not materialize at all, and you cannot re-craft them again at the same workbench, so you may end up with a room that is not fully furnished. (e.g. weapons rack at the Entryway did not materialize)
  • Sometimes furnishings already crafted will appear in the list of items to craft again. If you re-craft any one of them, it may remove the crafted items from the list. Otherwise, you can exit the menu and retry again to see if the list refreshes correctly.
  •  PS3   Even if a room is fully furnished and the workbench is removed, the workbenches may still reappear after traveling back to your home. This shows even if the Drafting Table confirms the workbench is removed.
  • Sometimes the tab "Misc" will be gone, to fix this simply fast travel to someplace else.


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