Cassius Olcinius is an Imperial commoner who resides in the Vivec, St. Delyn Canton. He will automatically speak to the Nerevarine if they come close to him.

He may be hard to see, due to having been turned invisible by a local wizard. He will tell how he has been cursed with permanent invisibility by a House Telvanni wizard, and claims to not know why it was done to him.


An Invisible SonEdit

A wizard turned Cassius invisible, so he asks the Nerevarine for assistance.


"Excuse me, can you help me? No, I'm over here. My name is Cassius Olcinius. see, I've been made invisible by a wizard!"
(After completing "An Invisible Son") "Thank you, thank you! It's so good to be able to be seen again. I just wish I had something to offer you, but I have nothing of value and no gold to speak of. It's not easy to find a job when you're invisible. Thank you again!"
"Really, I can't tell you how good it is to be visible again! Thank you so much."

Cassius Olcinius: "That's me."

Fevyn Ralen: "He's a mage in the Telvanni section of Vivec. I don't know why he'd do this to me. It's just terrible."

made invisible:
"Yes, the wizard Fevyn Ralen cursed me with invisibility. You can't imagine what's it's like living like this! No one will talk to me; everyone thinks I'm a ghost of some sort. I can't take this any longer. I'm afraid to go talk to the wizard, and my father the trader will think me a fool. Please, can you help?"

I will try to help you. "You will? Thank you so much! I can't tell you how awful this is. People always walking into me, knocking me down. No one to talk to. It's awful."
There's nothing I can do for you. "No? You're just like my father! Everyone thinks I'm a fool. I can't take this much longer."

(If Fevyn Ralen is dead) "Yes, the wizard Fevyn Ralen cursed me with invisibility. What? He's dead??? Now I'll never become visible again!" "I just want to be seen again. That's not so much to ask."