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Castle Karstaag Ruins

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CaveIconCastle Karstaag Ruins
Castle Karstaag Ruins
Castle Karstaag Ruins Map
Type Cave
Quests Summoning Karstaag
Characters Esmond Tyne
Enemies Rieklings

Castle Karstaag Ruins is a cave system in The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn. The cave is found on the north-western edge of Solstheim and is inhabited by Rieklings.


Summoning KarstaagEdit

This quest revolves around summoning the ghost of Karstaag and then challenging him in battle.

Recover the Bonemold FormulaEdit

Glover Mallory will ask the Dragonborn to retrieve this note from the body of Esmond Tyne in Castle Karstaag Caverns. Reading the note will allow the reader to make Improved Bonemold Armor at a Forge.

Notable itemsEdit

  • Bonemold Formula - Can be found on Esmond Tyne as soon as the player enters the main chasm, to the left on a small shelf of ice.
  • Since the Ruins are inhabited largely by Rieklings, the area is a good location to find Riekling Spears, Boar Meat, and Dibella Statues.
  • At the top of the Chasm, past the Bristleback Pen, and across a bridge, is a small area guarded by two Rieklings. Towards the back of this area is an unlocked Boss Chest, and behind that is a skeleton lying next to a leveled shield and mace.


  • There is an area at the top of the waterfall in the main antechamber. It is possible to reach however there is nothing up there save a Skeleton with a few gold. The rocks found there have clipping problems and it's possible to fall through the floor, and into the void (falling off a cell typically spawns the user back somewhere inside it, however).
  • Castle Karstaag appeared in The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon.


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