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Centurion Dynamo Core

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Centurion Dynamo Core
Centurion dy
4 WeightIcon
Base Value:
131 GoldIcon
Additional Effects:
Type: Miscellaneous Items
FormID: 000F4983

The Centurion Dynamo Core is an item found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


The Centurion Dynamo Core is found in Dwemer ruins and on the bodies of Dwarven Centurions, and seems to serve as their power source. They are one of several difficult-to-obtain items needed to conjure Daedric armor and Daedric weapons at the Atronach Forge.



  • The centurion dynamo core has a red glow and aura emanating from it and the ball in the center constantly rotates.
  • In the Dragonborn add-on, three dynamo cores are required to access the final chamber inside Fahlbtharz. There is one already on one of the pedestals, but the other two are with the two Dwarven Centurions, which the player has to destroy. However, cores may be brought with the player to avoid this fight.
  • The Dynamo core spins infinitely, and is almost undoubtedly a source of perpetual energy to power the centurion.
  • The spinning core of the Dynamo is made from an unknown red crystal.


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