"I understand I have you to thank for driving the Covenant from these docks. The Pact owes you a debt."
―Centurion Mobareed[src]

Centurion Mobareed is a Argonian officer of the Ebonheart Pact. He is the commanding officer at Fort Zeren, in the region of Stonefalls. Depending on the Vestige's choice, he may stay at his post at the fort's garrison, or he may relocate to the Davon's Watch docks, where he will clash against the Covenant forces.


Zeren in PerilEdit

Breaking the TideEdit

Warning Davon's WatchEdit


  • "It's like the sun on your scales, isn't it? We almost lost these docks. All of these people would have died without your intervention. Thank you. Saving lives is never a small victory."