For other uses, see Dwarven Sphere.

Centurion Speheres, also referred to as the Robots, are enemies encountered in the Dwarven Mines. The Centurion Sphere is a quick, durable, and deadly enemy, making it very difficult to fight.


Centurion Sphere Ball Form Redguard

The ball form of the Centurion.

Before becoming alerted, the Sphere stays in its steel ball form. The Sphere hits swiftly and its attacks cannot always be blocked. It takes 4–5 regular hits (2–3 with a strength potion) to kill. It is suggested to approach and kill as quickly as possible, as it is fairly hard to hit after becoming alerted.


The Dwarven MinesEdit

Erasmo requires a Dwarven Gear to complete the repairs to the observatory and sends Cyrus to retrieve one from the Dwarven mines. A couple of Centurion Spheres will appear there to defend the ruins.