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Cephorus Septim I (3E 77 - 3E 140) was the tenth ruler of the Empire of Tamriel. He was elected by popular consensus following the death of Uriel Septim III in 3E 127. According to one account, he was a "kind and intelligent ruler."[1]

Cephorus Septim was son of Emperor Pelagius Septim II and Empress Quintilla. That made him half-brother to Antiochus Septim and brother to Potema Septim and Magnus Septim. Prior to his becoming Emperor, he lived in Gilane with his bride, the Redguard Queen Bianki. Together they had multiple children who perished during the War of the Red Diamond.[2][3]

His reign was marked by war, for, although Uriel Septim III was deceased (killed by a rampaging mob of vigilantes), Uriel's mother — Potema Septim, was still alive and opposed his rule. It took him nearly ten years to defeat his sister, the so-called Wolf Queen of Solitude, former-Queen Potema, who died during the siege of her city state in 3E 137. Cephorus died only three years later at the age of 63 when he fell from the horse he was riding. Because all of his children with Queen Bianki died during the War of the Red Diamond, the throne passed instead to his brother, the fourth child of Pelagius Septim, Magnus Septim.


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