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Chalman Keep is a keep in The Elder Scrolls Online that is located in Cyrodiil.

Notable itemsEdit


It is one of the six keeps required to become the Emperor. By default, is it owned by the Ebonheart Pact.


It is located on the northeastern shore of the Imperial City, situated between Arrius Keep to the east, Blue Road Keep to the southeast, Bleaker's Outpost to the west and Fort Dragonclaw to the northwest.

Remember the ChalamoEdit

In The Elder Scrolls Online's beta stage, Chalman Keep was the site of a very famous battle where the game's very first emperor was crowned. This event is known by the community as the "Chalamo." It was a bloody battle fought between all three alliances. It remained ongoing for a lengthy period of time, until the Aldmeri forces arrived by the hundreds and overpowered the defenders.