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Champion of Boethiah

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Champion of Boethiah
Boethiahs Champion
Race Dunmer
Gender Male
Level 7-51
Class Warrior
Rank Boethiah's Champion
Ref ID 000834FF
Base ID 000834FE

The Champion of Boethiah[1] once existed to serve the mighty Daedric Prince, Boethiah. He has outlived his usefulness and uses the Ebony Mail bestowed upon him for his own pleasure rather than Boethiah's, which has angered the Daedric Prince. He now leads a group of Bandits out of Knifepoint Ridge and resides within Knifepoint Mine.


During the quest "Boethiah's Calling," the current champion's silent demise is called for to make room for a new, more worthy champion. Despite him getting killed for using the mail for his own pleasure. Boethiah said, after killing him, to the Dragonborn that they can do whatever they please with the mail. 


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  • If he goes near the other bandits, he can potentially damage them with the DoT poison affect from the Ebony Mail which could possibly, yet slowly, kill them.



  1. The Champion of Boethiah is a rare type of NPC in that his appearance is randomly generated. This means he may be spawned with lighter or darker skin.

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