Imperial Dragon Armor worn by the latest Champion of Cyrodiil.

Champion of Cyrodiil was the highest achievable rank in the Order of the Dragon, an order of knights founded by Tiber Septim in the early Third Era. The rank can be bestowed either by the Emperor or by a member of the Elder Council.

Little is known about the duties or privileges of a Champion. To date, there have been seven Champions, the most recent being the Hero of Kvatch, the Hero of the Oblivion Crisis, who in a change of tradition was allowed to wear Imperial Dragon Armor.

Known championsEdit


  • The Hero of Kvatch is commonly called the Champion of Cyrodiil after the completion of Oblivion's main questline.
  • Some believe the Champion is actually Sheogorath due to events from the Shivering Isles expansion and dialog from his quest in the follow up game Skyrim. Sheogorath himself saying that he was "involved" in the events from Oblivion, then again he is the Prince of Madness.
  • If the Champion of Cyrodiil is still alive that makes him the oldest protagonist in the Elder Scrolls series, unless the Nerevarine is still alive. This is entirely possible, considering how the Nerevarine is made functionally immortal by Corprus during the main quest in Morrowind.