Chanel is the Court of Chorrol's resident mage, and an excellent painter. She is an Apprentice Destruction Trainer, she is also one of the major suspects in "Canvas the Castle".

After completion of the quest without having returned the painting, she will offer basic training in Destruction from noon to 8pm every day. She can also be found in her bedroom in the Private Quarters. She carries tan linens, a small amount of gold, a paint brush,and a copy of the Castle Chorrol Private Area key, and the Countess' key.

She wields no weapons, but instead she relies on a leveled set of Destruction spells. She had an illicit affair with the countess' husband, as revealed during the quest "Canvas the Castle". She will ask to keep the painting, as it belonged to the man she loved.


Canvas the CastleEdit

Countess Arriana Valga in Chorrol will inform the Hero that a treasured painting of her late husband has been stolen. She requests that they retrieve it for her and bring the culprit to justice.